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What is Shopee Mall And How to Be A Part of It

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Turn your official shop into Shopee Mall that offers your customer authentic products to cater to their needs all at once. Get an additional service on your Shopee store where Shopee-registered customers will be able to enjoy their favorite brands online.

Shopee Mall

It is a dedicated app to Official Brands and all of Shopee’s Top Sellers.

Shoppers who purchase at the Shopee Mall have their perks and pros. First, buyers have the chance to fully try their products and if they’re not satisfied with the quality or something’s wrong, they can get the 7-Day Return service. Second, all items are 100% authentic. Lastly, buyers can enjoy free shipping from all shops with a minimum spend.

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Shopee Mall Sellers have labels that can be seen on their seller profile and product pages.

How to Be A Part of Shopee Mall?

Official brands and Shopee Top Sellers will only get to be a part of this through an invite. Sellers must be in-line with its mall policies:

•    Items must be 100% authentic
•    Should allow 15-day return/refund policy
•    Must offer free shipping or subscribe to Shopee Supported Logistics

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Commission Fee is the service fee on the orders purchased on the Mall. As of 1 Jan 2021, electronic products will have 3% commissions.

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Sellers would have to pass the following conditions in order to be credited as an official Mall Seller:

•    Follows the Mall listing requirements
•    No more than 30% on the pre-order mode
•    Have at least 10-20 minimum SKUs

Mall sellers are expected to respond to the shopper enquiries on chat and maintain an active status.

Interested mall sellers are advised to contact Shopee’s Customer Service Team here and email them with the following requirements:

•    Contact Information (Shopee Username, Phone Number, Email Address)
•    ACRA bizfile
•    Letter of Authorization (LOA)
•    HD Brand Logo
•    Link to the brand site

If you are a Shopee Mall Seller, you will be needing to have consented to the terms and conditions described in these Shopee Mall Terms of Service by your continued participation in Shopee Mall.

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