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UPL Builds Stronger Connection with Thai Audiences by Launching Official LINE Account

UPL Launches LINE Official Account | Digital 38

International agrochemical firm UPL is now on LINE as it launches its official account in one of the most widely used mobile apps in Thailand.  

UPL opened its LINE official account to build stronger connections with markets in Thailand, an important market for companies involved in the agriculture industry. 

Screenshots of UPL Thailand’s LINE Official Account

It also enabled the agrochemical giant to open its doors to its target market in Thailand. Thai customers can now ask questions and submit feedback to UPL, both of which are essential for a brand’s overall growth. 

But setting up its official account is just UPL’s first step in leveraging LINE app as a digital marketing asset. The brand also ran ads on the platform, and regularly publish contents for its followers, beefing up its brand awareness efforts in Thailand. 

About UPL 

UPL is the world’s 5th largest agrochemical business. It prides itself in providing sustainable agriculture solutions and agriculture technology, with OpenAG (Open Agriculture) initiative, to over 138 countries including Thailand.  

Learn more about UPL by visiting their website here 

LINE: Thailand’s Super App  

Going onLINE in Thailand: Guide in Setting Up Your LINE Account | Digital 38

When tapping markets in Thailand, global brands should definitely have LINE as part of their digital marketing solutions. Why?  

For one, it is considered as the country’s super app. Not only does LINE boasts over 40 million active users. But it also supports Ecommerce functions, ultimately offering itself as an opportunity for businesses to close the gap between brand and customers.  

Also, LINE continues to be one of the most popular social media platforms in Thailand. According to Data Reportal 2021, it ranks 2nd as the mobile app with the largest number of downloads, just next to Facebook.  

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