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LINE Marketing

Ways on How You Can Leverage LINE for Your Marketing Goals

Awesome Ways to Leverage LINE App for Your Marketing Goals | Digital 38

LINE app is taking the Asia-Pacific region by storm and here are several clever ways how you can leverage it for your overall marketing goals.  

What is LINE App?  

Before we can reveal to you the awesome ways you can use LINE as an instrument for your business’ overall growth, let’s first take a look at its impactful origins. Initially introduced as an instant messaging and call app, LINE began its roots in Japan.  

South Korea-based Naver Corporation rolled out LINE in 2011 at a time when most Japanese were still struggling to communicate with their families and friends following massive infrastructure damage brought by the 2011 Earthquake & Tsunami. As authorities continue to rehabilitate communication lines, the internet served as an alternative avenue to send messages and make calls.  

And when LINE came into the scene, it became an instant hit among Japanese audiences. Its popularity continues to skyrocket in the following years, especially after Naver’s developers launched their customised, in-character stickers. The stickers, until now, proved that a unique, fun and engaging communication experience can be made possible.  

LINE as a Super App 

A decade since its birth, LINE has grown exponentially. Its major markets now include countries outside Japan such as South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Thailand! Even more, its services and functions have also expanded. Now, LINE supports Ecommerce, audio and video streaming, healthcare, and even a digital wallet! No wonder why it’s dubbed as a ‘super app’, and ranked together with China’s WeChat.  

How to Leverage LINE App for Your Marketing Goals?  

With its recent upgrades and improvements, you can now do a lot of things on LINE. This is why savvy brands consider the app as part of their business solutions. So hhow can you leverage LINE app to help your business grow? From a marketing perspective, below are a few tips.  

Enhancing Customer Service

Several brands, particularly those present among Japan and Thailand’s markets, often use LINE as part of its customer service system. As an instant messaging and call app, and its ubiquity in Japan and Thailand, made it an effective choice for brands to connect with audiences and even their loyal customers. Consumers can send their feedback and submit requests easily and without exiting the app.  

Open an Official Online Store

With LINE’s expanded services, brands can now open an official online store on the platform, allowing customers on LINE to directly purchase their products in just one stop! If you want to explore more about opening an official LINE account for your brand, check out these articles.  

Key to Connecting with Thai & Japanese Consumers

If you’re planning to enter foreign markets such as those based in Thailand and Japan, then you need to identify the right channels to reach out to your target audiences. And for Thailand and Japan, you might want to consider LINE app.  

In Thailand, LINE has a userbase of over 50 million, making it one of the country’s most popular apps. It ranked next to Facebook as the most widely used social networking site among Thai consumers.  

In Japan, where it all began, LINE continues to enjoy strong popularity from Japanese audiences and users. As of 2020, the app registered over 86 million monthly active users (MAU) in Japan alone.  

Open Your Official LINE Account with Digital 38  

Exploring the opportunities teeming on LINE definitely sounds exciting. And if you want to get started, then you have to open your official and verified LINE account.

Here in Digital 38, we have a dedicated team of specialists who can guide you in the right direction in leveraging LINE app for your marketing plans. 

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LINE Marketing

UPL Builds Stronger Connection with Thai Audiences by Launching Official LINE Account

UPL Launches LINE Official Account | Digital 38

International agrochemical firm UPL is now on LINE as it launches its official account in one of the most widely used mobile apps in Thailand.  

UPL opened its LINE official account to build stronger connections with markets in Thailand, an important market for companies involved in the agriculture industry. 

Screenshots of UPL Thailand’s LINE Official Account

It also enabled the agrochemical giant to open its doors to its target market in Thailand. Thai customers can now ask questions and submit feedback to UPL, both of which are essential for a brand’s overall growth. 

But setting up its official account is just UPL’s first step in leveraging LINE app as a digital marketing asset. The brand also ran ads on the platform, and regularly publish contents for its followers, beefing up its brand awareness efforts in Thailand. 

About UPL 

UPL is the world’s 5th largest agrochemical business. It prides itself in providing sustainable agriculture solutions and agriculture technology, with OpenAG (Open Agriculture) initiative, to over 138 countries including Thailand.  

Learn more about UPL by visiting their website here 

LINE: Thailand’s Super App  

Going onLINE in Thailand: Guide in Setting Up Your LINE Account | Digital 38

When tapping markets in Thailand, global brands should definitely have LINE as part of their digital marketing solutions. Why?  

For one, it is considered as the country’s super app. Not only does LINE boasts over 40 million active users. But it also supports Ecommerce functions, ultimately offering itself as an opportunity for businesses to close the gap between brand and customers.  

Also, LINE continues to be one of the most popular social media platforms in Thailand. According to Data Reportal 2021, it ranks 2nd as the mobile app with the largest number of downloads, just next to Facebook.  

Curious to know more about LINE’s potential for your brand’s growth? Read our previous articles below.  

Launch Your LINE Official Account Today  

And if you need some helping hands in setting up your LINE Official Account, then we’re here for you.  

Digital 38 has a dedicated team of LINE specialists and experts in Thailand’s digital marketing landscape, ready to support your marketing goals anytime. 

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