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Ecommerce: Guide to Effective Content Marketing for Your Business’ Growth

ECommerce: Guide to Effective Content Marketing for Your Business’ Growth | Digital 38

Content marketing for Ecommerce may sound easy and simple, especially if you are confident in producing photos, videos and other visual assets that reflect the best qualities of your business.  

But without an organised and well-thought strategy, your efforts may only go to waste. Worse, they may not even contribute to your business’ growth, and may turn instead into liabilities.  

When doing content marketing, you should not only rely on ‘what’ materials to advertise but also on ‘how’ to efficiently and effectively leverage them for your brand to generate quality leads. And in this article, we will introduce you to some tips on doing a successful content marketing.  

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How to do an Effective Content Marketing?  

Having the right content marketing strategy will definitely help your business achieve increase in customer traffic, improve conversions, and bring in more sales. And here are some things you need to take note when you’re planning to have one.

1. Identify Your Buyers and Their Persona

ECommerce: Guide to Effective Content Marketing for Your Business’ Growth | Digital 38

In marketing, it’s a rule-of-thumb to know who your audience is. This also applies for Ecommerce businesses who want to deploy content marketing tactics.  

Identifying your buyers – their purchasing behavior and affinities – will help you narrow down which content should be appropriate and effective in pushing them to buy your products. It will also guide you to the right marketing channels to use.

2. Research, Research, Research

Some brands fail in doing content marketing because they forgot to do one tiny but crucial step – research. Having visually appealing photos of your products is not enough to lure buyers to your online store.  

What if your target market is a group of young adults who are into video games? What if your competitor already did a similar video campaign? Or what if your customers did not find your latest editorial gallery attractive than before?

Finding out the answers to these questions will ultimately guide you in doing content marketing the right and productive way. 

3. Measure Results

ECommerce: Guide to Effective Content Marketing for Your Business’ Growth | Digital 38

After successfully launching a content marketing promotion for your Ecommerce brand, the journey does not stop there.

You must extract insights and measure their results. These will not only give you an idea on how to craft your next campaigns but also to determine which areas needed improvement.  

After all, content marketing is not a one-time thing. It’s not exact science either. But with proper guidance and metrics, rest assured you can create a better one in the future. 

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