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What are the Types of Shopee Sellers?

Ecommerce Guide to Shopee: Learn the Types of Shopee Sellers | Digital 38

With millions of potential buyers using it daily, online businesses nowadays should definitely be on Shopee. Learn what are the types of sellers in Shopee, and how you can get started selling in Singapore and Southeast Asia’s largest Ecommerce platform.   

Types of Shopee Sellers

1. Shopee Mall Sellers

Shopee Mall is a special marketplace in Shopee featuring authentic and other licensed products from popular brands in Singapore and abroad. A very distinguishable red ribbon with the words Shopee Mall can be seen on shops qualified to be part of this exclusive group. 

2. Preferred Sellers

Shopee also has its own system of identifying sellers that stand out from the rest, and these are called Preferred Sellers.  

To be part of Shopee’s Preferred Sellers, shops must have high ratings, a ‘large number’ of successful Shopee transactions, and good customer feedback and service. Once qualified, Shopee’s team will be sending you an invitation to become one of their Preferred Sellers. 

3. Overseas Sellers

These are sellers based in countries outside of Shopee Singapore’s coverage area such as Mainland China and South Korea.  

Shopee has its own cross border Ecommerce program called Shopee International Platform. If you want to know more about borderless Ecommerce in the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC), check out our previous articles below.  

4. Customer-to-Customer Sellers

They are your regular shops found on Shopee.  

Jumpstart Your Ecommerce in Southeast Asia 

Shopee is the Ecommerce platform of Singaporean tech giant Sea Group. Launched in 2015, it has significantly grown over the following years, making it Southeast Asia’s leading online marketplace.

And lately, Shopee’s rapid expansion now covers countries in South America which include Brazil, Mexico, Chile, and Colombia

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